Camelicious Powdered Camel Milk Box


It’s 100% Whole Camel Milk

Our camels eat a plant-based vegetarian feed. The result is an all-natural product with no antibiotics, no hormones, and it’s GMO-free. It’s even gluten free.

It Tastes Delicious

Camel milk mostly tastes like cow’s milk — it’s creamy and sweet, but it has its own distinctive taste. Keep it simple and mix Camelicious with water or add it to a smoothie recipe you enjoy for added nutrition.

It’s Easy to Store and Save

Powdered camel milk doesn’t require refrigeration and it has a shelf life of up to one year. Camelicious is dried without heat or freezing to protect the milk’s nutrients, flavor and consistency.

  • Registered with the FDA
  • 100% whole milk from grass-fed camels
  • All-natural — no antibiotics and no hormones
  • Gluten-free
  • Contains no GMOs

One box of Camelicious contains 480 grams of camel milk powder in 24 individual packets containing 20 grams each.

Each individual packet makes an 8 ounce drink.


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